Jungle Tales series, 10 parts

€19.95 EUR

A series of cute and diverse tales, whose characters are small animals, telling in an educational manner the sweetest and most meaningful stories. It is distinguished by its distinctive and wonderful drawings that draw the eyes of readers and make them love the story so that they can live its interesting atmosphere, draw inspiration from it and useful life lessons, and acquire linguistic vocabulary from it to help them enrich their language.

additional information:

Jungle Tales series, name of the series
Warith Al-Kindi, author
Firdaus Moneim, the painter
Dar Al-Buraq for Children’s Culture, publisher
22 x 22 cm square size
Normal cover type
Approximately 12 pages per part number of pages

Series titles:

ISBN 978-964-2504-43-5 A turtle on a beautiful day
ISBN 978-964-2504-44-2 A teddy bear goes to bed early
ISBN 978-964-2504-45-9 Lola, the friend of the stars
978-964-192-001-4 ISBN Falfool goes to the bathroom
ISBN 978-964-192-008-3 Trusty Penguin
ISBN 978-964-192-003-8 Zebu and the Black Spiders
978-964-192-004-5 ISBN ungrateful Hammour
ISBN 978-964-192-005-2 Rabbit and wolf attack
ISBN 978-964-192-006-9 Senju admits his guilt
978-964-192-002-1 ISBN Nono the Arrogant Fish